Total concept

Producing optimal quality compost and mushrooms requires skill and knowledge. Thanks to Mushroom Signals that knowledge has been crystallised into one total concept.


Knowledge is shared and transferred efficiently and clearly via e-learning and access to an online environment.

The online self-study modules have been compiled based on the Mushroom Signals book written by mushroom expert Mark den Ouden. 


The e-learning modules combined with the book create the total Mushroom Signals package, but both elements can also be used separately. To complement the Mushroom Signals concept, you can also attend workshops or live training sessions given by Mark den Ouden.


Raw materials are the foundation for optimal composting results. So, it is vital that growers are able to assess these materials properly. In addition, you need to keep a close eye on the growing conditions, which can vary very slightly each cropping cycle. The challenge is responding to these variables in the right way each time. This is the only way to achieve optimal cultivation results.


The ‘look-think-act’ method is the basic principle of Mushroom Signals. Using the book and e-learning modules as teaching resources, composters and growers learn how to optimise their processes by looking, understanding and applying the signals they come across in practical situations.


The art is not to jump to conclusions too quickly, but to keep asking yourself three questions: what do I see, why has this happened, what should I do?


The applied didactics in the e-learning modules – with practical questions and assignments – and the book with many examples taken from practical situations ensure that participants learn to recognise the relevant signals and take appropriate action. 

An antenna for signals

A good grower should always have his or her antenna tuned to receive signals. The signals given by compost and mushrooms. These signals are always there, regardless of the type of conditions mushrooms are grown in - after all, the specific conditions are different all over the world. But a finely tuned antenna can pick up every signal – no matter how small. Mushroom Signals can help you develop your antenna.