Who is this for?

Mushroom Signals is intended for all those employed in the mushroom sector who want to learn the art of mushroom growing, or to explore mushroom growing in greater depth. 


The concept offers basic knowledge for:

  • (New) employees at composting companies and mushroom farms
  • Consultants and advisers/employees in the supply industry

The in-depth knowledge is intended for:

  • Managers at composting companies and mushroom farms

Mushroom Signals book

Mushroom Signals is the essential, practical guide to optimal mushroom cultivation. The book was written by Mark den Ouden, an internationally recognised consultant and trainer in the mushroom sector. In Mushroom Signals, his extensive knowledge is shared in a practical, accessible and highly visual way, with the aim of helping others in the sector expand and improve their skills.

The Mushroom Signals concept is based on learning by applying the principle of ‘look-think-act’: what do I see in practice, what could it mean and what can I do next?

E-learning modules

The Online Study Centre of Mushroom Signals – user-friendly on desktop, tablet and smartphone – offers a choice of three e-learning modules:

  • Mushroom Signals Essentials (basic knowledge)
  • Mushroom Signals Extended – Compost (in-depth knowledge of composting)
  • Mushroom Signals Extended – Growing (in-depth knowledge of growing)

You need to buy an account for the Online Study Centre to follow the e-learning modules. As well as the e-learning modules, the Online Study Centre also has a chat function for participants, an extensive search function and useful tools and tips for use in the workplace. All these features can still be accessed even after the modules have been completed. The account can be renewed annually.


Practical training

Expert Mark den Ouden has been giving master classes and practical training in mushroom growing for many years. To complement the Mushroom Signals e-learning modules, you can also attend one of the training sessions or master classes. The e-learning modules are a form of pre-learning (preparation for the participants). 


Start the Mushroom Signals concept today!

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