• Mushroom Signals Essentials
  • Mushroom Signals Extended – Compost
  • Mushroom Signals Extended – Growing 


The Online Study Centre also enables interaction between participants and moderation by a trainer. It also has a search tool, so finding information is easy at any time. Another feature of the Online Study Centre is new tools and tips.


The Online Study Centre is displayed on both desktop and mobile devices (app).

The e-learning modules can be used for self-study or incompany training, but also in combination with master classes or practical training given by expert Mark den Ouden.


Mushroom Signals Essentials

This e-learning module offers basic knowledge about composting and mushroom growing and is intended for (new) employees active in compost or mushroom production. This module is also very instructive for people employed in the supply industry. 


The study material in Mushroom Signals Essentials is based on the basic knowledge described in the Mushroom Signals book. The module contains practical questions and is completed by an exam and a certificate.



€199 (excluding VAT) per person, including one year subscription to the Online Study Centre. 


Mushroom Signals Extended

Mushroom Signals Extended e-learning contains two courses: Compost and Growing. These are intended for more experienced growers and managers who want to enrich and update their existing knowledge.

The Extended courses Compost and Growing take a deeper and more detailed look at the composting process and the process of growing and harvesting.

The extensive study material includes the knowledge and insights from the Mushroom Signals book. Access to the complete online version of this book is part of the module. The Extended courses look at various case studies and contain practical assignments that can be immediately put into practice.


Pre-registration advantage

The Mushroom Signals Extended e-courses will be available in Q1 2021.

Pre-registration for these courses before September 1 2020, will give you a 50% price discount on all user logins.

For more information, please contact us.



Essentails + Extended Compost €599

Essentials + Extended Growing €599

Essentials + Extended Compost + Growing €899

All prices VAT excluded, passing Essentials first is required



After the first year, the subscription to the Online Study Centre can be renewed for €99 (excluding VAT) per year to keep unlimited access to all the tools ans knowledge.


The Online Study Centre can also be offered as a customised platform for companies in the agribusiness sector. Read more about the customisation options here.