Mushrooms are grown in many different places over the world and the specific conditions vary widely. But the signals given by compost and mushrooms are identical everywhere. 



What do the Mushrooms tell you when you take a closer look?

A good grower should always have his or her antenna tuned to receive signals.


Our Signals concept is based on three basic questions: 


1. What do I see (hear, feel, smell, taste)? What’s the signal? (LOOK)

2. How did this happen? What’s the explanation? (THINK)

3. What am I supposed to do? Is it okay or should I take action? (ACT)


Mushroom Signals aims to teach composters and growers how to optimise their production processes by recognising signals. Not by jumping to conclusions immediately, but instead by always asking yourself three questions: what do I see, what has happened and what should I do?

Mushroom Signals is a practical guide to optimal mushroom growing written in an easily accessible style.

Many years of experience as a consultant and trainer in the mushroom sector make author Mark den Ouden an authority in this field. The practical knowledge shared in his book is illustrated by around 450 photographs, illustrations and infographics.


Mushroom Signals is available as a hardcover edition (21 x 27 cm) with 150 full colour pages. The book costs €61.90 (excluding VAT). As well as an English version, the book is also available in Dutch, Polish, Russian and Chinese. An online version of the book is also available.


The benefits from using our content: 

✔️Apply Scientificly Based Knowledge Directly
✔️Strengthen Your Problem Observation Abilities
✔️Prevent tunnel vision
✔️Quick Return On Investment 

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